We support the rights of low- and moderate-income people to live in safe, affordable, quality housing.

When St. Nicks Alliance was founded in 1975, our neighborhood was beset by landlord abandonment and arson. We organized neighborhood residents to create safe, affordable, and habitable housing. Today, the challenge has shifted to maintaining affordability amid gentrification and skyrocketing rents. We are committed to meeting today's challenges just as we met the challenges of the past.

We are one of the oldest and most accomplished community development groups in NYC.

As the developer of over 2,200 units of affordable housing, we've focused on this essential need throughout our 41-year history. Over 100 housing employees create and preserve housing, assist local residents, and manage more than 1,400 housing units. 

Our housing efforts assist more than 7,000 people annually.

St. Nicks Alliance is a steward for the housing and facility assets we have create for the community. We provide homes for over 4,500 low-income, moderate-income and special needs residents. We also provide housing services for 3,000 more households. The overall budget for St. Nicks Alliance's Housing Division is in excess of $8 million, plus an additional $10 million in property operations.

In addition to residential properties managed and developed, we own or operate four community facilities in North Brooklyn. These properties have a total area of 67,000 square feet and enable our programs to operate close to neighborhood residents.


Creating and preserving Housing

St. Nicks Alliance breaks ground for a new affordable complex at 695 Grand Street.

Real Estate Development

Since our inception, St. Nicks Alliance has focused on the creation and preservation of housing, first starting with Jennings Hall in 1980. This senior housing development, with 150 units of affordable housing for low-income elderly Brooklynites, was one of the earliest HUD Section 202 projects in NYC following the revision of the federal program toward low-income residents in 1974. We also created the first project in New York City to utilize the Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program – placing in service the 21 apartments of Union Court in 1989.

The 2,200 housing units created and preserved by St. Nicks Alliance address a wide variety of needs for low- and moderate-income residents in NYC. These projects include rental housing for low-income families, two- to three-family homes for moderate-income purchasers, limited equity coops for low-income households, and special needs rental housing for low-income elderly or formerly homeless families and singles.  

Over the past eight years, St. Nicks Alliance has carried through an Affordable Preservation Initiative to refinance and renovate 28 buildings with more than 790 units of affordable housing using over $100 million in financing. Additionally, we are constructing projects which will create or preserve an additional 178 apartments with $64 million in financing.

St. Nicks Alliance affordable housing.
St. Nicks Alliance affordable housing.

Property Management

Strong property and asset management is a hallmark of our commitment to community stewardship. Our staff ensures that our 65 properties are physically well-maintained and financially sound. Our ultimate goal is to ensure long-term affordable housing for our residents.

St. Nicks Alliance has been managing affordable housing properties since the creation of our earliest housing developments in 1980. Over the years, we grew our property management operations as the operator to manage properties across Brooklyn. Here's what we currently do:

  • Employ over 50 office and building maintenance staff

  • Manage 65 buildings with more than 1,150 apartments

  • Provide safe homes for over 4,650 residents

  • Manage in Brooklyn neighborhoods: Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bushwick, Brownsville and East New York

  • Property operations of over $10 million

Supportive Housing

St. Nicks Alliance Supportive Housing provides apartments and social services to more than 250 families and individuals.

Thank you so much for standing by us in a desperate time of need! May God bless everyone who helped us come this far! You will always be my angels in disguise!
— Catalina Hidalgo, a tenant we advocated for

Community Preservation and Tenant Services

We serve as a catalyst to improve the quality of life for Williamsburg and Greenpoint residents by addressing economic, educational, health, housing, and social needs while preserving the vibrant and diverse character of the community, particularly for low- and moderate-income residents.

St. Nicks Alliance’s work is guided by five principles of community development:

  1. Achieve tangible results

  2. Empower residents and encourage self-help

  3. Leverage financial and human capital

  4. Foster grassroots decision-making through partnerships and collaboration

  5. Rebuild the social fabric of our community

For residents having problems with their landlords, we offer counseling by our experienced professionals, along with monthly drop-in workshops and other empowerment opportunities for renters. We are dedicated to the empowerment of community residents.