Environmental Remediation Technician

Roger's Rising Work Success Thanks to Boost from Job Training

Roger Leak, a father of six in his early forties, discovered St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development’s Environmental Remediation Technician (ERT) training on a visit to the Department of Labor. He had previously worked in the construction field, and had experience as an off-the-books asbestos removal worker. This first exposure to the dangers of removing asbestos without appropriate PPE, personal protective equipment, provoked his interest to gain proper ERT training. He saw that St. Nicks Alliance’s ERT training offered the opportunity to secure diverse certifications and obtain safety procedure training that would open the door to employment in the field with the potential to obtain higher wages and join a local union. These factors would give him more job security and enable him to better support his family.


Two months after graduating from the ERT training program (in August 2016) Mr. Leak was interviewed at WRS Environmental Services for a position as an Environmental Remediation Technician. He was hired the same day of his interview. In addition to the technical training for his work as an ERT, Mr. Leak praised the Workplace Success aspect of his St. Nicks Alliance training. In this training he honed his soft skills and was drilled in resume and interview development.  Mr. Leak worked over 6 months as an Environmental Remediation Technician with WRS Environmental Services, where he partnered with Con Edison employees to remove diverse asbestos from pipes miles across Manhattan. Mr. Leak became a member of local union 12A. Mr. Leak’s future goals include utilizing his diverse skills to support diverse neighborhoods across America and to assist during difficult times of natural disasters.


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