You don't have to fight housing injustice alone.

We are dedicated to the empowerment of community residents. Each year, we train hundreds of residents in housing rights, sustainable practices and first-time homebuyer education, along with partnering with several organizations to use collective power against corrupt landlords and opaque policies.

Housing counseling

For residents having problems with their landlords, we offer tenant counseling with our experienced professionals. Call ahead or come by during our drop-in hours on Mondays and Wednesdays, and we look forward to tackling your issue together.

  • Individual counseling
  • Group tenant associations, group training, housing resource workshops

If you want assistance, come in our office during our drop-in hours or fill out our form below.

Community organizing

Community organizing is an important facet of our work. We support the rights of low- and moderate-income people to live in affordable, habitable housing, to get a quality education, and to find a decent-paying job.

St. Nicks Alliance facilitates spaces for community members to come together to discuss issues affecting them. Here are different ways we're organizing in Brooklyn right now:

  • Anti-displacement and affordable housing with strategic partner United Neighborhood Organization (UNO), a nationwide umbrella organization preserving affordable housing and fighting displacement

  • Environmental justice with strategic partner OUTRAGE (Organizations United for Trash Reduction and Garbage Equity), a coalition of dozens of community groups aiming to reduce North Brooklyn’s disproportionate trash processing burden

  • Responsible planning (GREC)

Resident Services Coordination

For residents of St. Nicks Alliance-owned or -operated housing, such as residents in our Assisted Living Program at Jennings Hall, our Community Preservation team connects residents to peripheral resources, serving as a liaison.

  • Social case work assistance

  • Senior housing recreational activities

  • Case management for senior residents to live independently

  • Financial literacy workshops

  • Enrolling in benefits

Community Preservation Office

306 Union Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Drop-in hours: Mondays and Wednesdays, 9AM-4PM


Tenant Services: 

☎️ 718-388-9190


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