St. Nicks Alliance seeks to transform lives of low- and moderate-income people through employment, education, housing, and health care. We do this by delivering impactful services with measurable outcomes to children, adults, and the elderly. As a civic anchor we carry out this mission within the context of building a sustainable community for all people through the arts, environmental advocacy, and urban planning.

I believe that with our proven strategies in the areas of affordable housing, workforce development, elder care, and youth and education services, and our network of affiliates and partners, we are uniquely positioned to effectively address poverty in Northern Brooklyn while building community.
— Michael Rochford, Executive Director

The name "Alliance" is an acknowledgement that St. Nicks Alliance includes an array of affiliated volunteer grassroots organizations and neighborhood groups with their own leadership. This web of community support enables a deeper capacity to achieve a broader vision.

Our tagline “Where Opportunity Grows” references A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith's novel about Williamsburg. Not only do trees grow in Brooklyn, opportunities grow provided the right elements and support. St. Nicks Alliance wants to provide opportunities for all in the community: those who face substantial economic and developmental challenges and those residents and businesses who build community.

Focus areas

Driving toward outcomes requires focus, intention, and self-reflection. St. Nicks Alliance approaches barriers to change with well-thought strategies, therefore its resulting outcomes demonstrate social value. This is the essence of our transformative work.


St. Nicks Alliance has developed 2,000 units of affordable housing and manages more than 1,400 units for low- and moderate- income families and special needs populations. Our Community Preservation staff prevents the displacement of hundreds of families each year. Read more


By providing senior housing, assisted living, home care, and senior center services, St. Nicks Alliance supports the health and housing needs of North Brooklyn seniors. Read more

Workforce Development

By empowering and training people to move from unemployment to careers and jobs with living wages, St. Nicks Alliance enables thousands of neighborhood residents to improve their economic opportunities. Read more

Youth and Education

St. Nicks Alliance works with 2,500 children annually in a network of more than 20 after-school and summer camp sites to increase the number of neighborhood children who succeed in school. Read more