We can't do our work alone.

The word "Alliance" in our name is very intentional. St. Nicks Alliance is connected, affiliated or partnered with local organizations at work in North Brooklyn.


Conselyea Street Block Association

Conselyea Street Block Association, a community organization, fought to get the 211 Ainslie St. facility built in the 1970s and has been involved in running it ever since.

Evergreen Exchange

In 1982, a handful of local business owners worked with St. Nicks Alliance to create Evergreen, then known as EWVIDCO, to revitalize East Williamsburg by attracting new businesses, providing business assistance to existing firms and grow overall job opportunities in the neighborhood. Evergreen is the one-stop resource for industrial businesses in North Brooklyn.

School Settlement Association

School Settlement Association, the oldest continually-operated Settlement House in Brooklyn, has served four generations of North Brooklyn residents since 1901. In 2005, School Settlement House and St. Nicks Alliance entered a strategic partnership to increase capacity to improve services.

Small World Early Childcare Center

Small World Child Care at the 211 Ainslie Street Center provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for children ages 5-7 in a tuition-based after-school program. In 1969, under the guidance of activist Jan Peterson, the Conselyea Street Block Association founded the Center to bring services to children and parents in the community.

Swinging Sixties Senior Center

Swinging Sixties at the 211 Ainslie Street Center is the anchor of community for seniors in central Williamsburg and serves around 100 seniors with nutritious breakfasts and lunch. It hosts social and engaging activities such as movie nights, dances, art classes, bocce, field trips and exercises designed for seniors. Swinging Sixties is a key piece of our Elder Care offerings.

I believe that St. Nicks Alliance has, is and will continue to be an honored partner of the Los Sures Organization, in the continued struggle for affordable housing and as a result, social justice in the borough of Brooklyn.
— David Lopez

Strategic Partners

Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A

Brooklyn A’s mission is to advance social and economic justice and community empowerment through innovative, collaborative, neighborhood-based legal representation and advocacy. They assist individuals, families, not-for-profit community-based organizations (CBOs), community development corporations (CDCs), and coalitions in sustaining and developing vibrant, healthy communities.

Churches United for Fair Housing

Churches United for Fair Housing is a grassroots organization that works towards community empowerment through community organizing, youth engagement, and by providing sophisticated social services. CUFFH organizes towards preserving and creating vibrant communities that are not exclusive and are really affordable to working families in New York City.

Consumer Action Program of Bed-Stuy (CABS) Corp.

50 years ago, CABS started as a group of local residents dedicated to providing housing and senior services to improve the social and health conditions of their residents.

El Puente

El Puente is a community human rights institution that promotes leadership for peace and justice through the engagement of members (youth and adult) in the arts, education, scientific research, wellness and environmental action. Organizing in North Brooklyn and beyond, El Puente remains at the forefront of community/youth learning and development issues and as such, initiates and impacts social policy both locally and nationally.

Grand Street Business Improvement District

The Grand Street Business Improvement District (BID) is a nonprofit economic and community development organization serving Grand Street and its businesses from Union to Bushwick Avenues in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The mission of the Grand Street BID is to create a vibrant commercial district and improve the quality of life for the community.

Greenpoint Renaissance Enterprise Corporation (GREC)

The Greenpoint Renaissance Enterprise Corporation (GREC) is a consortium of neighborhood organizations that came together to plan and advocate for community involvement in the redevelopment of the former Greenpoint Hospital Campus. 

Huairou Comission

The Huairou Commission champions inclusive global development that center-stages grassroots women as decision-makers. Huairou supports grassroots women’s organizations with resources and tools to expand their leadership capacity, as well as platforms to share their voices, strategies, and successes with other grassroots women around the world. Based out of Williamsburg, Huairou has an international impact.

Organizations United for Trash Reduction and Garbage Equity (OUTRAGE)

Organizations United for Trash Reduction & Garbage Equity (O.U.T.R.A.G.E.) is an environmental justice coalition of more than two dozen community  and civic groups dedicated to the reduction of waste transfer stations and waste truck traffic in the communities of  Williamsburg & Greenpoint. O.U.T.R.A.G.E. members advocate for a more equitable and sustainable solid waste management plan in the City of New York.

People's Firehouse Inc.

The People’s Firehouse, Inc. is the North Brooklyn-based, non-profit organization which has a 40-year record of service with regard to Public Safety issues of concern to the residents of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is also the civilian advocacy organization for New York City firefighters and related services.

Southside United HDFC - Los Sures®

Southside United H.D.F.C., better known as "Los Sures®," is a community-based, non-profit organization that has served as an integral part in rebuilding the South Side of Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1972. Los Sures has undertaken large-scale rehabilitation of many buildings, allowing families and individuals to live comfortably and creating an aesthetically pleasing neighborhood. Additionally, the organization provides a multitude of much-needed services, including a senior center and a food pantry.

St. John the Evangelist Social Action Committee

St. John's is an Evangelical Lutheran Church which belongs to a larger fellowship of Lutheran churches in the United States called the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.

United Neighborhood Organizations (UNO)

UNO is a Community Organization made of individual community members dedicated to the fight against the displacement of long term residents and for the protection and creation of affordable housing in North Brooklyn. 

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