Our Directors

Michael Rochford

Executive Director

Frank Lang

Director, Housing

Debra Sue Lorenzen

Director, Youth and Education

Larry Rothchild

Managing Director,
Workforce Development

Jose Leon

Deputy Executive Director

Mary Ciorciari

Director, Elder Care

Cindy Ross

Director, Finance & Administration

Ray Laszczych

Director, Development

Affordable Housing

Angie Herrera-Sanchez, Asset & Property Management Director, 718-388-5454 +174

Rolando Guzman, Deputy Director, Community Preservation, 718-388-9190 +111

Elder Care

Simone Mayhew Deputy Director, Home Care, 718-388-5454 +201

Myrna Yen Deputy Director, Assisted Living, 718-782-3390 +209

John Pelle Deputy Director, Swinging Sixties Senior Center, 718-963-3793

Workforce Development

Nayobi Perdomo Manager, Adult Education, 718-302-2057 +427

Justin Conigliaro Manager Young Adults, Career GPS, 718-302-2057 +415

Beatrice Brown Manager, First Job, 718-302-2057 +406

Ivan Thomas Manager, Skills Training, 718.302.2057 +412

Youth and Education

Luis Fuentes Deputy Director, Teens, 718-599-9224 +24

Dwayne Brown Deputy Director, Children and Youth, 718-388-5454 +122


Lori Ann Doyon Communications Manager, Greenline Editor 718-388-5454 +167