We're on a mission to help young people become lifelong learners and thrive as adults.

St. Nicks Alliance serves more than 3,000 young people from elementary through high school each year with a seamless continuum of comprehensive services that target the developmental needs of youth as they grow. 

We seek to positively influence school attendance and attachment, enthusiasm for learning, social-emotional skills and academic and employment self-efficacy. By building steady progress in these areas, we equip young people to graduate from high school and acquire the essential skills for post-secondary success.

We work in close partnership with public schools, NYCHA housing developments, community-based organizations and our strategic partners School Settlement Association and Small World Child Care to holistically support young people and their families.

Children enjoying play time at one of our after-school sites.

After-School centers

St. Nicks Alliance provides comprehensive after-school programs for elementary and middle school students in public schools and community centers throughout North Brooklyn. Services are provided free of charge to participants.

Our after-school centers are open Monday through Friday until 6 p.m. with extended hours at community centers. Many of our after-school centers offer full-day programming during school recess and holidays.

Students at School Settlement Association.

Community schools and community Centers

  • Greenpoint Beacon @ M.S. 126 John Ericsson
  • School Settlement Association @ 120 Jackson Ave
  • Sumner Community Center
  • Williamsburg Beacon @ Grand Street Campus
Some of our Summer Camp kids looks through homemade telescopes. 

Summer Camp

Each summer, St. Nicks Alliance provides over 1,000 children and youth with 6-8 weeks of high-quality summer camp located in local public schools and community centers throughout North Brooklyn. Activities include theme-based literacy and STEM curriculum, field trips, visual arts, performing arts, and digital media.

Teens attend a career planning class organized by St. Nicks Alliance.

High School success and career planning

St. Nicks Alliance supports teens by providing opportunities for academic success, work experience, and college and career preparation.

  • High school services
  • Connect for Success at HS for Enterprise
  • Learning to Work at Bushwick Comm. HS
  • SYEP with NYC DYCD
  • Career GPS
The BK Story Voyager is a mobile literacy initiative serving select locations in North Brooklyn

BK Story Voyager

The BK Story Voyager is a mobile literacy initiative serving select locations in North Brooklyn! The BK Story Voyager addresses a real problem in our community: Lack of access to books. In order for children to choose to read they must be able to pursue their own passions and interest, and have access to a wide variety of literature and materials. 

The BK Story Voyager offers a wide range of enriching and fun experiences for kids of all ages and background.